Perimeter Fencing PIR Abt 60M

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– Dormant defense and protection baluster makes the intruder found in no any sense.
– Complete defense ability:  The intruder cannot jump over or crawl to evade the infrared bundle.
– Excellent anti-interferential ability:  No false report when inspects, Dual-beam design prevents false alarms from flying birds, insects, falling leaves, etc
– Function of damage-resistance: It will send alarm signal once the power or cable are cut.
– Waterproof design: IP55, Outdoor double beam gain self-regulation, adaptable to terrible weather such as rain, fog and snow weather;  Lightning proof circuit design .
– With tamper switch, Beam response time adjustment.
– Special filter lens and circuit, anti-strong light jamming
– Optical lens,faster, more convenient and more exact adjustment
– High anti RFI/EMI
– Quick and easy installation.
– Available in several optional frequencies in compliance with international standards


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