Elide Ball Fire Extinguisher

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Elide Ball Fire Extinguisher


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Product description

Elide Fire Ball is a revolutionary self-detonating device designed to extinguish fire.

It has rapidly asserted itself as a standard product on the fire safety market during the last years.

It was created as a response to the continuous increasing densities of urban communities which face a huge risk of potential disasters caused by fire.

here is an overplus of computer processing equipment needed today meaning that the necessity of proactive fire safety measures is constantly growing.

Elide Fire Ball has all the required qualities to outshadow all its predecessors and it will assert by itself as the star product of the market.

Elide Fire Ball is composed of a lightweight casing of rigid plastic foam with an abrasion-resistant exterior sheathing. Within its interior there is an explosive yield detonator and a variety of fire retardant chemical agents, including dry powders, two-part reactants and liquid components.

Technical information: · Weight of extinguishing powder mixture: 1.3 +/- 0.2 kg ·

Total weight of the product: 1.5 +- 0.2 kg. · NEC: 0.4 g · Diameter: 152 mm · Warning audio signal: 120-140 dBA · Activation time: 3 – 10 sec with flame · Ensure extinguishing of fires in the distance up to 8 – 10 m2. · Product type: other pyrotechnic products, pyrotechnic extinguishing agents ·

Category: P1 · CE NB: 1395 – P1 – 0128/2010 (EU Standard) The product is recommended for fire extinguishing and surveillance for the following types of fire: · Class A – combustible materials (wood, paper, fabric, refuse) ·

Class B – flammable liquids · Class C – flammable gas ** For classes B*, C* and electrical fire, Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball is used to surveillance fire only.


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